Vote for St. John’s at
Green Bay SOUP!

Tuesday, May 7 – 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Stadium View Sports Bar, Grill & Banquet Hall
1963 Holmgren Way, Green Bay
Cost: $5, includes soup dinner & ballot to vote
St. John’s was selected as ONE of only FIVE nonprofits to be part of the Greater Green Bay SOUP event. This event funds small community projects, and we want you to join us, because your attendance means you get a vote. The more votes, the better odds we have of winning the funds we need to support our project. What project are you voting for?: The Micah Center’s Summer Grill-Outs with our Grand GrillMaster James (aka our Security Advisor)!Why Summer Grill-Outs?
Social isolation and loneliness are faced by all people experiencing homelessness, catapulting them toward addictions, further into the depths of mental illness and contributing to significantly shortened lifespans.

But what if we could do something about that? This project breaks down barriers between homeless individuals and the community, creating regular Summer Grill-outs at The Micah Center with our very own “Grand GrillMaster James,” full of brats, burgers or hotdogs as well as basketball, cornhole and other fun games. It’s transformative, because it creates community for a group of people who so desperately need it. Most of us can remember summer grill-outs with family and friends, creating memories and experiencing social connectedness – this is what we want to give to our guests. If we receive funds from this event, they will go towards the food we provide…burgers, buns, sides & more!

With a family approach to our work and a grill that was recently donated, we need your support and vote at the Greater Green Bay SOUP!