What is Street Outreach?
Street outreach strives to get our brothers and sisters who are experiencing homelessness, or at risk of becoming homeless, connected to a community of resources and support.
Who We Serve
Individuals staying in places not meant for habitation.
Individuals who are at-risk of becoming homeless.
Individuals not utilizing shelter programs for choices of their own.
Individuals who are ineligible for shelter programs.
A Resource for the Community and Businesses
Hello, my name is Michael Barribeau, and I am the Security Director at St John’s Homeless Shelter, the Micah Center and Wellspring. At St. John’s, we are always working to be a good neighbor and to instill that within those we serve. I am reaching out because I am a resource for businesses to use. I am experienced with communication de-escalation techniques, dynamics of homelessness and building rapport and positive relationships. If you are experiencing any homeless individuals coming in and disrupting businesses or simply want to talk through the best ways to help or interact with people experiencing homelessness, I am able to talk with you about how to address those issues. I can also talk about strategies to talk to someone with mental health or alcohol or other drug addictions. I can be reached at: (920) 617-8700 Ext. 114 and mbarribeau@sjehs.org.
Homeless Demographic in Brown County
Average homeless in
January 2020:
•222 sheltered single adults
•20 sheltered families with children
•20 Adults
•31 Children
•13 living on the streets or places not meant for habitation