Where can I get my various needs met?

Case Management
Case Managers’ schedules vary. Each case manager spends time at St. Johns and at the Micah Center. Guests can make appointments by calling or visiting the Micah Center (617-8700) to get on a case manager’s schedule.

Routine Medical Care/Medications
Outreach Clinic at 879 Mather St.
Mon – Wed 8:00a-6:00p, Thur 8:00a-4:00p 437-7206

Tuesdays from 8:00-9:00 Outreach Personnel at St. John’s Shelter.
Most Fridays: Outreach Personnel at Micah Center 700 E Walnut Street 9:00a-noon
617-8700 (Dr. Hale not at Micah 11/16.)

Mental Health Care
Tuesdays: Kinsey from Foundations comes to St Johns Shelter 411 St John St from 8:00a-9:00a to meet shelter season guests, and potentially book appointments. 436-9344 A guest can schedule an appointment through case management for the on-site counselor, Kinsey Pierre from Foundations. She is at the Micah Center on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. She also runs several group workshops at the Micah Center.

Where can a guest get a bus pass?
Make an appointment with your Case Manager to discuss options. Bus passes are only allowed to be given for confirmed doctor’s appointments and/or the first days of a job with a confirmed work schedule.

From the Job Center …if a guest has FoodShare and is engaged in the jobs program.
Bay Lake Building 301 N Adams Street

Where can a guest get toiletries, clothing, other items?
Guests can make requests at St Johns Shelter: 436-9344 411 St John Street
Salvation Army 626 Union Ct 497-7053
St Vincent de Paul (w/voucher) 1529 Lee Frigo Way 435-4040

Where can a guest get a bike?
Sometimes through case management from St Johns Shelter or with a voucher from St. Vincent de Paul.

Where can a veteran talk to someone about services?
Call or text Ken at 920 246-7277

Where can a guest get breakfast?
Breakfast is served at St. John’s Shelter each morning for guests who stayed the night at St John’s.

Where can a guest get lunch?
Salvation Army 626 Union Court Mon through Fri 11:30a-12:30p 497-7053
(Except on holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s)

Manna for Life Ministries 1545 University Av; (920) 437-3629 Mon/Wed/Fri from 11:00a-1:00p

NEW Community Shelter 301 Mather Street Sat/Sun/Holidays 11:30a-12:30p 437-3766

Micah Center 700 E Walnut Street when we get food donated. Check the calendar board at the reception desk to see if lunch will be served that day. 617-8700

Are there Food Pantries I can use?

Here is a list of food pantries in the Brown Co. area.

Where can a guest get dinner?
Dinner is served every night at St John’s Shelter for guests of the shelter and past guests who have gotten permission from their case manager. 411 St John Street Ph: 436-9344

NEW Community Shelter 301 Mather Street every day from 5:00-6:00p Ph: 437-3766

Where can a guest shower?
Guests of St John’s Shelter can shower at the shelter in the evening before lights out or in the morning after light on.

Salvation Army 626 Union Court: MW(8:00a-10a) TTH(8:00a-1:00p) F(8:00a-9:00a, 2:00p-3:00p)
497-7053 Check into central office by the gym to get a towel.

Where can a guest exercise?
With a membership (reduced fee with a homeless verification letter from a case manager) at the YMCA (Ferguson Family) MTWThF 5a-9p, Sat 6a-5p, Closed Sun. 235 N Jefferson Street 436 9622

Where can a guest do laundry?
St. John’s Shelter offers about 15 laundry bags each night at the shelter. Laundry won’t be clean and available until the following evening.

Laundry Love (Go to www.laundrylovegreenbay.org): Go to the Laundry Love website to find the next date. Arrive at the laundromat during the event time and sign in at the Laundry Love table. You will be given a number and an LL coordinator will direct you to a washing machine and get your washer started. We allow 2 loads per individual and 5 loads per family.