That stack of hoodies you don’t wear. Those great tennis shoes that don’t quite fit. A couple of backpacks you won’t use…..We can take those off your hands!!! We have exciting news for those of you who have been cleaning out your closets: we are beginning to take select donations on a limited schedule at St. John’s.

As St. John’s has expanded services during the last 3 months to meet the increased need during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have depleted our stores in our donation room. We need your help re-stocking our donation room with much-needed clothing and hygiene items so we can continue supplying our guests with essentials.

Please limit your donations only to the items listed! Think durable, basic items like jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, tennis shoes, and undergarments. Items that are less suited to our guests’ current circumstances, like dress clothing, purses and sweaters, are best donated to a different community provider that serves a wider population. To help you partner with us, you can view a more complete list of what best helps our guests at the link below. As we invite only a few volunteers back on-site to sort donations, we want them to spend their time making the greatest impact —on the items we need most.

View wish list and items of need.

View Amazon wish list.


When selecting items to donate to St. John’s follow these “pro tips”!

  • Know the list– Remember that the items on our list are what is most needed and make the biggest impact to our guests.
  • Sort before you drop– Select the items on our list to donate to us, and donate any other items to a local thrift store.
  • Donate from the Wish List– Our monthly wish lists highlight critical clothing, hygiene, supply and misc needs. These are often items we use daily and run out of quickly. For added ease of ordering, we also have an Amazon wish list.
  • If in doubt, call ahead– If you’re unsure if your items are needed at St. John’s, call Brooke, the Volunteer Coordinator, at 920-301-0909.

Here’s how you can donate your select items:


Select Donations drop-off


Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9AM-noon

Beginning Tuesday, May 26  through Wednesday, June 10


St. John’s Shelter 411 St John St., parking lot of off S Jefferson St

INSTRUCTIONS for no-contact drop-off:

Buzz the door. When answered, set your items on the bench or the ground and back away. A staff or volunteer will get the items.

**Please DO NOT drop off items not received by a staff or volunteer

Why does your targeted donation matter? You are giving the greatest need. Join us in making the greatest impact!