Shelter Season 2019-20 Begins Friday November 1

2019-20 Shelter Season Meals


Monday December 9              SFX Cathedral; pork chops, potatoes, squash / green beans, fruit, rolls, dessert

Tuesday December 10            Schreiber Foods; Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce; Breadsticks, Salad, Cookies

Wednesday December 11      St. Joseph-St. John, St. Lawrence, St Hedwig Parishes; beef stew with gravy on mashed potatoes or noodles, coleslaw, carrots, sugar free jello, tortes or bars for dessert

Thursday December 12          Men @ Peace; Yakisoba

Friday December 13               Holy Trinity Oconto; your favorite Chinese dishes 

Saturday December 14           Central Church;  Potato Bar with veggies, taco meat, cheese & condiments. Bars/cookies. Juice & milk

Sunday December 15              CCW; Turkey Gravy, Mashed potatoes, Veggie, tuna pasta salad

Monday December 16             OLOL Meals Ministry

Tuesday December 17            SJB Men’s Bible Study

Wednesday December 18      American Foods Group

Thursday December 19          St. John’s Seymour; ham/broccoli/rice casserole 

Friday December 20               Chris Quinlan Bible Study Group; Lasagna dinner

Saturday December 21          HSHS friends; Chicken Pot Pie, Mac Salad, Salad, Corn, Dessert

Sunday December 22              Sandy Lubow

Monday December 23             Leftover night

Tuesday December 24            Schreiber Foods

Wednesday December 25 Breakfast  Morris Family

Wednesday December 25 Lunch  Powers Comics

Wednesday December 25 Christmas Dinner; Kay P and Friends

Thursday December 26  Bay Port High School

Friday December 27  Rider Family

Saturday December 28  Unterbrunner/Paider Team; Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Cheesy Potatoes

Sunday December 29  Zion Lutheran Oneida; Ham dinner

Monday December 30  Nelson Family

Tuesday December 31 Shannon Allen and Friends


Wednesday January 1  HSHS EWD IT

Thursday January 2  BCCW; Lasagna

Friday January 3  OLOL Young Adults

Saturday January 4  ATLAS Servers

Sunday January 5  St. Matt’s Scouts

Monday January 6  Howard KC’s; spaghetti dinner

Tuesday January 7  Christ Alone Church

Wednesday January 8  St. Joseph-St. John, St. Lawrence, St Hedwig Parishes; pork and gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, pickles, dinner roles, sugar free jello, tortes or bars for dessert and milk and juice

Thursday January 9  Men@ Peace; Yakisoba

Friday January 10  Holy Trinity Oconto

Saturday January 11  First Presbyterian

Sunday January 12  Notre Dame Academy

Monday January 13  SFX Cathedral; pork chops, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, rolls, dessert

Tuesday January 14  Schreiber Foods Group

Wednesday January 15  CCW; Turkey Gravy, Mashed potatoes, Veggie, tuna pasta salad

Thursday January 16  St. John Seymour

Friday January 17  HSHS friends

Saturday January 18  Central Church

Sunday January 19  Bellin Hospital Team

Monday January 20  Little Jamaica Food Truck

Tuesday January 21  SJB Men’s Bible Study Group

Wednesday January 22  SJB Social Concerns

Thursday January 23  Bellin HR Team; chili, coleslaw, bread, fruit, cake

Friday January 24  Humana IT Team

Saturday January 25  Unterbrunner/Paider Team

Sunday January 26  Sandy Lubow

Monday January 27  Notre Dame DePere; chili and ham and cheese sandwiches

Tuesday January 28  Schreiber Foods Group; Jambalaya and cornbread

Wednesday January 29  HSHS Radiology

Thursday January 30  SJB School Staff

Friday January 31  Nelson Family


Saturday February 1  St. Mary Glenmore/Stark

Sunday February 2  Streu’s Pharmacy

Monday February 3  Notre Dame DePere

Tuesday February 4  Christ Alone Church

Wednesday February 5  HSHS EWD IT

Thursday February 6  BCCW; Lasagna

Friday February 7  Nicolet Bank

Saturday February 8  Central Church

Sunday February 9  Notre Dame Academy

Monday February 10  SFX Cathedral

Tuesday February 11  Schreiber Foods Group

Wednesday February 12    St. Joseph-St. John, St. Lawrence, St Hedwig Parishes

Thursday February 13  Men@Peace: Yakisoba

Friday February 14  Holy Trinity Oconto

Saturday February 15  CCW; Turkey Gravy, Mashed potatoes, Veggie, tuna pasta salad

Sunday February 16  Bellin Hospital Team

Monday February 17  OLOL Meals Team

Tuesday February 18  SJB Mens Bible Study

Wednesday February 19  Ansay

Thursday February 20  St. John Seymour

Friday February 21  HSHS friends

Saturday February 22  breakfast  Immaculate Conception

Saturday February 22  Skelton Family

Sunday February 23  Sandy Lubow

Monday February 24  Leftover Night

Tuesday February 25  Schreiber Foods Group

Wednesday February 26 St. Mary’s PACU/Surgical Services

Thursday February 27  HSHS PNPC Group; spaghetti dinner

Friday February 28  Nelson Family

Saturday February 29  Unterbrunner/Paider Team