It’s true – homelessness is a serious issue in our community. And what we know is that every community issue requires a community solution.

When you say, “I am St. John’s,” you become part of a powerful force creating change in the greater Green Bay community. 

Becoming part of the solution to homelessness and our greater mission to restore the hope and dignity that every human-being deserves, is simple.

Share the “I am St. John’s” message. We’d love to walk around a summer festival or see a post on social media and see you wearing an “I am St. John’s” t-shirt, sticker or simply sharing the webpage. This visibility let’s people know that homelessness is an issue we are aware of and confronting as a community. It provides realistic and tangible opportunities for all people to become part of our work to address homelessness in the greater Green Bay area.“I am St. John’s” means “I am part of the solution to homelessness.”

Raise awareness with your community of neighbors. Sign-up to be on our email list (sign-up on homepage) and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Knowledge is power, and the more you know the more you can share with your friends, family, church and other groups you’re involved with.

Volunteer at St. John’s Homeless Shelter, The Micah Center or Wellspring. It could be a one-time project with a service group or an ongoing donation of your time for serving meals or other activities. We want to learn more about you and the unique talents and skills you have. Become a Volunteer!

Hold an event that raises awareness and funds for St. John’s and The Micah Center. From kids starting lemonade stands to families forming neighborhood clothes drives, the the options are limitless. Contact us with your ideas!

Give “Wish List” items. Each month a new “wish list” of items we need is posted to our website and on Facebook. Donating these items helps us meet the needs of our guests directly. You never know what you may have laying around your home that could be a life-saver for someone else.

Attend or Sponsor our Annual Restoring Hope Gala. Each November our signature fundraiser brings in much-needed financial support. Because we don’t accept government funds, we are sustained by individual donations, sponsorship and foundation support. By attending the Restoring Hope Gala, you are having a fun night with friends and delicious food all in the name of giving back.

Become a Monthly Sustainer. Giving back to St. John’s through a monthly gift is an ideal way to make your commitment last all year-round. We understand and know that for many people it is more realistic to give a little each month than a greater amount all at once. Become a Monthly Sustainer!

Become a Corporate Partner. St. John’s knows that we need a community of people and businesses to truly address homelessness in greater Green Bay. We are looking to partner strategically with businesses who know that they play a vital role in making our communities a better place to live, work and play. Contact us!