Ways to Help

We know that many of you are asking what you can do to help, and we do need your support now more than ever.

Meals and Food Donations:
We are supplying our Summer Safe Sleep guests (30 in total) with bagged lunches each weekday. You can sign up to provide bagged lunches here: https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/rw47ol . We are also accepting donations of items to put in the bagged lunches: granola bars, applesauce, fruit, fruit cups, string cheese etc. For more information, contact Brooke at bgraham@sjehs.org.

As we approach the start of our cold weather Shelter season beginning November 1, we are scheduling meal teams to provide and prepare meals for 100+ guests. For more information, contact Brooke at bgraham@sjehs.org.

Volunteers:  We want you to stay safe and healthy! We have re-opened our volunteer program for a select listing of no- to low-contact volunteer opportunities open to existing volunteers only at St. John’s Shelter. If you could help fill any of these needs, please contact Brooke at bgraham@sjehs.org.

Basic Donation Needs: St. John’s is now accepting donations of items at our shelter. We have limited volunteer support in place and can accept donations of items M-W 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at St. John’s Homeless Shelter, 411 St. John St.  You can also call ahead to drop-off donations at the door to limit person-to-person contact (436-9344). Please only bring these items of need indicated on the June Wish List (button below).

Financial Donations: There are many needs at St. John’s during this time of crisis, but we ask you to please consider a financial donation. As you can imagine, the costs of running two shelter sites 24 hour a day and seven days a week is costly. We are incurring additional costs in order to meet the needs of our homeless brothers and sisters while also addressing the safety of the broader community around us. Financial donations provide us with flexibility to respond to the needs of this ever changing health crisis in a way that honors the dignity of our guests and the community as a whole.