COTS 2.018

COTS 2.018 operates during the days St. John’s Homeless Shelter is not in operation (April 30-October 31). This summer model of shelter ensures that no homeless adults are forced to sleep on the streets due to a lack of access to overnight housing.

Who is served?
This program provides overnight shelter (9 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.) to homeless adults in our community who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets. Homeless guests verify they have no other housing options, and the program is run at St. John’s Shelter at 411 St. John St. in Green Bay.

How will the guests be helped?
The Micah Center will be open Monday-Friday to provide case management, showers, meals (breakfast and lunch), workshops, and resources to help someone on their journey to self-sufficiency.

How did COTS start?
COTS began in May of 2018 as a partnership with local churches who opened their doors to our guests, rotating to a different church every 1-2 weeks. This program helped us respond to a dire need for summer shelter, providing over 1,000 nights of safe sleeping at local churches. In July 2018 at the request of the Green Bay Fire Department, we were granted permission from the city to move the summer COTS program to St. John’s Shelter. The Fire Department felt that the shelter would be a preferred location since it is already designed for overnight shelter services. As our greatest referral source, the Green Bay Police Department has told us how grateful they are for this ministry. They are now thankful to have one place to consistently tell patrol officers they can rely on when engaging with someone experiencing homelessness. Because of how our church community stepped-in to help make COTS a reality, we were able to get to the point where we are today, and we are forever thankful for their generosity and support for our homeless brothers and sisters.

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