The Micah Center

The ABC’s of Guest Needs

The ABC’s of what our guests are looking for at the Micah Center: By Vicki, Micah Center Office Manager Anticipated mail Bus Pass Cup of Coffee A Phone Beverage (soda, Gatorade, juice) Cookies Afternoon snacks Break Catnap Another chance Better Bus hours (earlier, later, Sunday) Compassionate Landlord Tasty treats and transportation (bus passes) are wonderful…

St. John's Homeless Shelter

Alpha Group at St. John’s Shelter

“We have a passion for helping people,” says Brittany. She and her husband Chris facilitate the Alpha group at St. John’s Homeless Shelter each week. It started recently on Jan. 17 with 12 people attending. Last year was the inaugural year for the group at St. John’s, and Brittany says it grew and grew each…


Mindfulness at Wellspring

“Come in, settle down and observe your mind and body.” -Jody, Mindfulness facilitator At the Mindfulness workshop at Wellspring, guests can connect with their breath and become more aware of themselves. Our minds go all the time, and our lives are so busy and stressful. Focusing on your breath connects the mind and body. The…


Women for Sobriety group kick-offs at Wellspring

Working toward sobriety and living a life free from addictions is the focus of the “Women for Sobriety” New Life Program. Facilitated by Case Manager Sara Williams, this group will show each woman how to find a way of life without the pain of addictions while also providing spiritual and emotional growth. Women for Sobriety takes…