St. John's Homeless Shelter

The Summer Safe Sleep Program

“It’s just me. I’m just counting…” whispers the familiar voice of Night Shift Coordinator Rhonda Cassity during one of her nightly head counts for the summer COTS program. It can be startling, she knows, for someone who has been used to being on the streets to have someone walk near them when they are sleeping.…

Mindfulnes at MicahThe Micah Center

Mindfulness at The Micah Center

“I can only imagine what the experience of being homeless is and all the things that contribute to needing to be in a mode of survival where you don’t have the time to just be.” The Mindfulness workshop that Stephanie Birmingham teaches each Wednesday at 10 am at The Micah Center does just that…it provides…


Exploring Our Creativity at Micah

“Creativity takes courage,” artist Henry Matisse once said, and guests are continually showing us just that. From designing their own taco creations with Vicki to painting a canvas with Angela, creative expressions are an important part of life at The Micah Center. Learn more about our Micah Center programs

A group of eifght kid volunteer helpers standing outside of St. John's Homeless Shelter in Green Bay, WIOur Programs

Can Kids Get Involved with St. John’s?

We hear this question often, and while there are limitations, there are great ways for kids to connect to our work! Helena and her friends made bracelets, brought flowers and collected donations for our guests. When they dropped-off their donations, they got a tour, so they could see how the shelter runs. School tours happen…