St. John's Homeless Shelter

Becoming the “Laundry Lady”

By Carrie Arnold I’ve had aspirations to be many different things in my life, but never did being a “laundry lady” present itself as an enticing option until Covid 19 came upon the scene. I am here to tell you what a profound impact that embracing the role of laundry lady for the Spring Lake…


New Directions for COVID-19 Shelter Response

The guests, staff and volunteers of St. John’s are no strangers to change, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Many of you know by now how St. John’s moved to expand our services and stay at the forefront of our community response to homelessness during this unprecedented time. Over the past week and…

Our Programs

It’s Zoom Time, Volunteers!

Calling all Volunteers!! Whether you’re a Shelter volunteer at St. John’s, a front desk volunteer at the Micah Center or a support volunteer at Wellspring, we have a new way for you to stay connected during the COVID-19 crisis. Brooke Graham, Volunteer Coordinator, will be holding two Zoom meeting options weekly, and will announce meeting…