St. John's Homeless Shelter

New Washers needed at St. John’s Shelter

St. John’s Shelter does thousands of loads of laundry each year including clothes, towels, blankets, donations, pillows, bedding and other items. Our washers and dryers are used daily and are relied on to clean some of the toughest smells and stains. We have been lucky enough to have 5 washers and 5 dryers that fit…

The Micah Center

Voices Project shares music playlist

Guests at The Micah Center may be someone facing homelessness, but they are also a brother or sister, an artist, a hard worker, a painter, a singer, a mother, and on and on. The Voices Project celebrates all of who guests are and shares that with the community. During our last meeting, guests selected music…


Traveling through the Transition

As spring turns into summer, the snow melts and the sun shines, but it also rains. Remember last summer’s downpours? Our guests spend more time traveling to get things done. Meals are in a variety of locations. Showers are at Salvation Army. The Micah Center is open during the day on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and…