About the Shelter

Connecting People With Purpose…

St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter (SJEHS) seeks to provide night-to-night temporary emergency shelter to adult men and women. All services and assistance are offered in the context of the furtherance of human dignity with the primary goal of harm reduction during the coldest weather months of the year.

All people have the right to meet their basic human needs for food, clothing, shelter and medical care. SJEHS allows shelter guests an opportunity for engagement with mainstream shelter and housing resources, mental health and healthcare providers and other social service agencies.

Connecting People With People…

Over 600 volunteers contributed over 10,000 hours during the 2009-2010 shelter season. People served in the following capacities:

  • Provide hospitality
  • Prepare/provide meals
  • Organize supplies/donations
  • Maintain shelter facilities
  • Assist with administrative duties

Thank you all who have given of their time and effort as well as the many people who supported the shelter with a monetary donation. Your generosity is very appreciated and has made an enormous difference in the quality of service we were able to provide.

See our “Services” webpage for more information about what the shelter offers our guests.